Target round up : Week of July 9th

Target is one of my top three favorite stores to shop at. I’m one of those people that goes in for garbage bags and walks out with four bags filled with items.

Some of the reasons why I love Target

  • Everyday low prices
  • On top of low prices, they also have Cartwheel the app where you choose offers on the things you love that range from 5%-50% off!
  • Each week they have certain sales where you can earn giftcards on top of your purchases
  • Everything is in style, affordable and adorable.

This week Target has a new deal every day this week!

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Birthday weekend recap

Birthday weekend!!

This past Saturday I turned 24! Wahoo! 24 on 24! My weekend was filled with so many fun things!


Started out by mowing the lawn and getting ready for the day. I had a full list of places I wanted to go. I started off by going to target and picking up a few things. I always check the end caps, you can always find things on clearance. If I find something I really love but the price is just too much, I go back a few weeks later and almost always will be on clearance. The quilt I wanted to purchase so badly but it wasn’t the right size.

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Weekend recap!

Happy Monday Y’all!! It was a little hard to wake up to my alarm this morning but I made it to work in one piece. This weekend was great but very busy! This was my first week having Friday off. For the next eight weeks I get one day a week off and they almost all fall on a Friday, which is hard until my day off comes and I go, oh that was so worth it. Continue reading “Weekend recap!”

Our Wedding Day

KayLene & Josh-382This is quite lengthy as I go into detail about the entire day for my sake so I can remember 30 years from now. If you don’t want to read it, Skip throughout for photos.


Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life so far. Josh and I got engaged on January 2, 2014 and were married on May 7, 2016. One of the most asked questions when we got engaged is why we were waiting so long to get married. We had already been together for four years by the time we got engaged so we pretty much knew we would be getting married. We weren’t in any rush and we wanted to make sure we were financially ready to be married and where we wanted to be in life and we thought in two years we would be there. Josh was graduating in 2015 so that gave us a year to find a home, make it ours and make sure we were in stable jobs. We wanted to do this right.

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Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday morning!

It was so nice to have an extra day for the weekend! And starting the weekend of June 9th, I’ll have three day weekends for the summer! I kicked off the weekend by heading over to Chips Cookies in Salt Lake City. They’re only open Thursday-Saturday and they have very odd hours. They’re open from 8pm-midnight. I’ve been wanting to try them since I heard about them a few weeks back but I don’t like the idea of driving 30 minutes for cookies. Well I decided that this weekend I was going to! Left the house at 7:30pm, got there right at 8:00pm when they opened and was back home by 8:30pm. You get four 6oz cookies for $10 and right when I picked them up, they smelled so delicious. They were pretty good with a big glass of milk but Josh insisted that my cookies were better! I use dark chocolate chips where most places use semi sweet. I kinda agree with him!


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