Wedding Shadow Box

Almost every lady that is engaged or married has a Pinterest board, and within that Pinterest board she will likely have a photo of a shadow box that has all of their items from their wedding. She will pin it in the hopes of one day getting around to pulling everything from her wedding out, going to the craft store to buy some pins and a box, and putting all things wedding into the box. I finally decided to make one of my pins a reality.

compiling all items for shadow box

My goal for 2018 is to be productive for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and this was one of the projects I did. This project was quite simple to create. Took a max of 30 minutes to create and less than $25.  All I needed was a shadow box (make sure to pull everything out that you want to put in your box first so you know what size to get), some long pins, and optional double sided tape (this helped me keep the forks in place. UPDATE: the forks fell, have to come up with a alternative way to keep them up).

If you’re ready to finally create yours, pick up a shadow box and get creating. Lay everything out until you feel like you like where everything is laid out, then start to pin. I also recommend to place your dried bouquet down last as it will likely make a little bit of a mess.

Finished wedding shadow box


Fall is in the air, almost


These next four months are my most favorite months of the year! Out of all the seasons, fall is truly the best! It’s when I get to break out my cute fall clothes, the boots and scarves, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon in the air, but best of all I get to decorate my house! And this year is even more exciting because at the end of all of it, my little niece or nephew will be born (most the family thinks it’s a girl, they find out in a two weeks!)

I rounded up some of my favorite fall decorations that I will probably end up buying probably in the next few weeks.

Links are for the photo, left to right, top to bottom

  1. Galvanized decorative pitcher
  2. Triple stacked pumpkin
  3. Assorted wooden stakes
  4. Pomegranate and berry wreath
  5. White cotton stem bundle
  6. 9in x 8in x 20in straw bale
  7. There is always wood and glass wall sign
  8. Handcrafted small husk lantern
  9. 5-pack of harvest red corn
  10. 8×11 wood sign autumn is calling
  11. Porcelain fall pumpkins
  12. Harvest give thanks pillow
  13. 36in beaded leaf table-runner
  14. 11-count assorted bag pumpkin and gourd

Made By Mary necklace


Ever since we got married, I’ve been wanting a bar necklace with our wedding dates on them but I have never gotten around to doing it. Well, I finally did and I’m so happy with it!

I ordered my bar necklace from Made By Mary, I had my choice of doing our date normally or in roman numerals. I chose to do the roman numerals.

I ordered the 18″ length but now having it on hand, I’m going to order an extender for it. I wanted it to hang just a little lower, right now it just sits too close to my neck and almost feels like a choker.

Shipping was fast, ordered to in hand within under a week! Her packaging is beyond beautiful! I think your packaging can make a huge impact on your customer.

I’m sure this won’t be the last purchase I make with Made By Mary!

Canvas Champ review


For my birthday, my parents gave me money to put towards a canvas I’ve been wanting for my bedroom for a while. I was originally going to go with Pro Digital Photos because I love their quality but when looking up their canvas pricing, they were crazy expensive. My second pick was Inkley’s but they were about the same in price and they do have promotions every once in a while but even with the promotion, it still would have been expensive.

I started looking online for affordable but good quality canvas. I found a few blogs that had multiple reviews on different companies. One that stood out to me was Canvas Champ. They had good reviews and great pricing. Most of the reviews said that it did take a couple weeks to receive them since they’re shipped from India but I was in no hurry. I was able to add $150 worth of product to my cart and use a promo code to take it down to $125 and free shipping. I was able to order 1-30×40, 1-20×30, 1-14×24, 1-16×20, and 2-8×10. They turned out great. All the corners were sharp and folded well, all the canvas were pulled tight and what I loved is that they put a mdf board behind the canvas to make them solid, no accidental holes!

Go check them out and use this link to get free shipping!



Dining room makeover

My current home style that I love is Farmhouse. I have slowly been working my home décor towards that so everything will eventually match. When it came time to pick out a new dining table, I wanted to stay with that trend. After browsing online and furniture stores in town, I only found a few tables I liked. Some Josh didn’t like while the others were way too expensive. I knew with this table that I didn’t want to go cheap, I wanted something that would last years, not something I’d throw away after two years because it was falling apart. I follow a few local furniture makers on Instagram and remembered that they got most of their furniture plans from Shanty 2 Chic. I got on their website and started pulling table plans. We sat down together and talked about what style table top and legs we wanted. We ended up going with their Industrial Farmhouse Table. We opted not to do the bench at this time but we will most likely build it once we have kids that will sit on it. Continue reading