Wedding Shadow Box

Almost every lady that is engaged or married has a Pinterest board, and within that Pinterest board she will likely have a photo of a shadow box that has all of their items from their wedding. She will pin it in the hopes of one day getting around to pulling everything from her wedding out, going to the craft store to buy some pins and a box, and putting all things wedding into the box. I finally decided to make one of my pins a reality.

compiling all items for shadow box

My goal for 2018 is to be productive for a minimum of 30 minutes each day and this was one of the projects I did. This project was quite simple to create. Took a max of 30 minutes to create and less than $25.  All I needed was a shadow box (make sure to pull everything out that you want to put in your box first so you know what size to get), some long pins, and optional double sided tape (this helped me keep the forks in place. UPDATE: the forks fell, have to come up with a alternative way to keep them up).

If you’re ready to finally create yours, pick up a shadow box and get creating. Lay everything out until you feel like you like where everything is laid out, then start to pin. I also recommend to place your dried bouquet down last as it will likely make a little bit of a mess.

Finished wedding shadow box


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