Fall is in the air, almost


These next four months are my most favorite months of the year! Out of all the seasons, fall is truly the best! It’s when I get to break out my cute fall clothes, the boots and scarves, the smell of pumpkin and cinnamon in the air, but best of all I get to decorate my house! And this year is even more exciting because at the end of all of it, my little niece or nephew will be born (most the family thinks it’s a girl, they find out in a two weeks!)

I rounded up some of my favorite fall decorations that I will probably end up buying probably in the next few weeks.

Links are for the photo, left to right, top to bottom

  1. Galvanized decorative pitcher
  2. Triple stacked pumpkin
  3. Assorted wooden stakes
  4. Pomegranate and berry wreath
  5. White cotton stem bundle
  6. 9in x 8in x 20in straw bale
  7. There is always wood and glass wall sign
  8. Handcrafted small husk lantern
  9. 5-pack of harvest red corn
  10. 8×11 wood sign autumn is calling
  11. Porcelain fall pumpkins
  12. Harvest give thanks pillow
  13. 36in beaded leaf table-runner
  14. 11-count assorted bag pumpkin and gourd