Canvas Champ review


For my birthday, my parents gave me money to put towards a canvas I’ve been wanting for my bedroom for a while. I was originally going to go with Pro Digital Photos because I love their quality but when looking up their canvas pricing, they were crazy expensive. My second pick was Inkley’s but they were about the same in price and they do have promotions every once in a while but even with the promotion, it still would have been expensive.

I started looking online for affordable but good quality canvas. I found a few blogs that had multiple reviews on different companies. One that stood out to me was Canvas Champ. They had good reviews and great pricing. Most of the reviews said that it did take a couple weeks to receive them since they’re shipped from India but I was in no hurry. I was able to add $150 worth of product to my cart and use a promo code to take it down to $125 and free shipping. I was able to order 1-30×40, 1-20×30, 1-14×24, 1-16×20, and 2-8×10. They turned out great. All the corners were sharp and folded well, all the canvas were pulled tight and what I loved is that they put a mdf board behind the canvas to make them solid, no accidental holes!

Go check them out and use this link to get free shipping!




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