Dining room makeover

My current home style that I love is Farmhouse. I have slowly been working my home décor towards that so everything will eventually match. When it came time to pick out a new dining table, I wanted to stay with that trend. After browsing online and furniture stores in town, I only found a few tables I liked. Some Josh didn’t like while the others were way too expensive. I knew with this table that I didn’t want to go cheap, I wanted something that would last years, not something I’d throw away after two years because it was falling apart. I follow a few local furniture makers on Instagram and remembered that they got most of their furniture plans from Shanty 2 Chic. I got on their website and started pulling table plans. We sat down together and talked about what style table top and legs we wanted. We ended up going with their Industrial Farmhouse Table. We opted not to do the bench at this time but we will most likely build it once we have kids that will sit on it.

This table cost us $130 in materials. That includes lumber, nails, kreg jigwood stainVarathane Triple Thick Poly and a clamp. If we do continue to build other pieces of furniture for our home we will be upgrade our kreg jig to the Kreg Jig K4 Pocket Hole System.  I would also recommend having a shop vac, this is something that would have come in handy and something that is on my wish list now. When sanding, the sand dust goes everywhere and coats you, the wood and the floor. Also when you make your pocket holes, wood scraps fall to the floor. It would have been nice just to have the vacuum on when doing those things that way when it came time to stain the wood I wouldn’t have had to clean up so much dust and wipe down the wood.

Things to consider when building furniture. You will need tools you might not have. This includes a sander, a kreg jig mentioned above, miter saw, a drill, and a long drill bit. Since we didn’t have any angle cuts for this project we didn’t need a miter saw. Instead we just had Home Depot cut our lumber. This did take a little over an hour for them to do and if we were to do it again, we probably would have just taken the lumber home and cut it on our table saw.

If you’re thinking of building any sort of furniture and this is completely new to you, know that this isn’t an hour project, this is a multi-hour project. For Josh and I it took four hours each day from Wednesday to Friday, Saturday took about 2 hours and did it all in our garage. Talk about HOT, a fan would have been lovely. In total this project took 14 hours for us to do. This includes the moment we got to Home Depot to buy the materials all the way to bringing the table in the house.  Now, if we had to build it again, I’m sure it could take less time.

My last few pieces of advice from building our table. When picking out your lumber, make sure it not warped. Lay it on its side and make sure it is straight then lay it down and make sure it’s all touching the floor. Nothing would be worse than having a table that isn’t flat. Something I also did was once we had our lumber picked out, I laid all the pieces next to each other for the table top and made sure that they matched. I wanted knots in our wood so I made sure each piece had at least one in it. Before staining your entire table, take a scrap piece of wood and stain it. We did this and I’m so glad we did because I ended up hating the first stain we purchased. Lastly, have some patience, especially when building your table with someone. There was only one time I lost my patience and it was the first day of building and in all honesty, I was hangry. But it might be hard or you might not understand what the next step is so just take a breath and relax, you’ll figure it out!

On to the rest of the table! I knew I wanted upholstered chairs. I found about 9 chairs that I loved. We narrowed it down to three based on price and went with these ones and I’m so happy we did. They’re solid chairs that are comfy while also have that glamour look I love.  Our place-mats can be found here. I will eventually add a white table runner and get some seasonal ones as well.




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