Weekend recap!

It’s been a little since I’ve been on here but I’m back! I’ve been busy at home on a few big projects which is why I haven’t posted much!


4th of July morning, Josh suggested that we could go look at gas ranges since a few places had some sales going on for the holiday but I woke up with a stomach bug so we stayed home all day. The next day I texted him and said, so how about that gas oven you were talking about? We got talking and I told him how I wanted an oven but I wanted a new dining table more. It’s a great and sturdy table but it just doesn’t match anything in our home. I looked at prices for both items online and we decided we could only get one but we couldn’t come to an agreement on which we would be getting. The table I was wanting would be built by someone local and would have been $400 finished. Then I suggested that we could just build our own table. It would cost 1/3 of buying it from someone finished and it would be 100% made by us.

I got home on Wednesday and went to shanty-2-chic.com and found a few different table options. We bounced between them until we found the one we liked. We picked one, went to Home Depot, got all the supplies, and started that night. We worked on it Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and finished on Saturday. We worked on it for about 4 hours each day. It was hot, tiring but so worth it.

Since we were able to get a table for so cheap, we decided to get a gas oven as well. We found someone to install our gas line and new outlet box. Since he was coming on Saturday morning, we needed an oven by Friday night. We called our local Home Depot and they didn’t have any in stock for pick up. We then called our local Sears and they had two different models in stock! Score! We drove down there and compared the two options and went with the ‘Kenmore 74333 5.6 cu. ft. Gas Range w/ True Convection’. What sold us on this model that it was true convection, which means the burner is behind the fan where other ovens that are just ‘convection’ means there is just a fan in there. It also had a number touch pad and a convection converter.

Saturday morning we did yard work, stained and sealed our table, had the handy man install the gas line and outlet box, sold our old oven, moved our old table out and new table in. By 4pm everything was done.  We finished the night off by seeing Spiderman-Homecoming.

Sunday I told Josh we were doing absolutely nothing since the past four days we had been going nonstop.


Keep an eye out later this week for before and after photos of our dining room!


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