Master room decoration update


Our master room is one of the few rooms in our home that lacks decor. Its a room that is only seen by Josh and I so it’s never been a room I have focused the most on. The rooms everyone see are the kitchen and living room so when I think of home decor, I look for pieces for those areas. So it’s now my room’s turn.

Above our bed was a sign that said ‘always kiss me goodnight’ that I had gotten from Tai Pan Trading years ago and thought it was something cute for our room. Well, its quite a small sign that looks even smaller above our king size bed. Since we got married, I’ve always wanted to put a wedding canvas above the bed but those can run in the hundreds and I like the idea of multiple pieces above the bed instead of one large piece.

I saw the idea of putting music sheets above our bed on instagram a few months ago but but never have gotten around to doing it until now. I absolutely love how it turned out. I’m still deciding if I want to tea stain them or not to give them an old look. The music sheets are to our first dance song.

I wanted to make sure they were evenly spread apart as well as level all the way across. I first started off by measuring and marking my start and end point, this was 80 inches. From there, I measured the width of the frame, times it by four since I have four frames, this was 49 then subtracted from the total width which came out to be 31 inches left over for spacing. I decided to leave space on the end frames instead of just the space between the inner frames. I divided 31 by 5 since I had 5 spaces to leave which came out to 6.2.



From there, I grabbed some painters tape and laid it down where my start and end point were. I went back and forth from the bed to the end of my room  to make sure it was level. I then verified it was by measuring from the bottom of the floor to the top of the tape. Then, I started marking off where the frames would sit. Would measure 6.2 inches, then 12.25 inches and keep repeating until I reached my end point. I again went to the end of my room to verify that everything was even on each side. Then, divide 12.25 inches by two to get your center. This is where you will place your nail. Then measure down and mark where is center for your tape to ensure all the frames will be level with one another.  Then start to hammer, take the tape off, hang your frames and enjoy!

This was a fun and easy project to do by myself and took no more than 30 minutes!



Click Here to see the frames we used.

Next up is to change our our headboard and add a few more photos around the room.

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