Kitchen Cabinet Update

after side left kitchen

When Josh and I started house hunting in August of 2015, one of the top things on our list was a updated kitchen. I wanted a white kitchen and Josh didn’t care what the color was as long as it was nice. Our wish list was a mile long and with our budget, we knew we wouldn’t get a lot of them. But surprisingly, we got almost everything on our wishlist. We found this house the day it was put on the market and there were three other offers on the table as well and they picked our offer! We truly got lucky with this house and we love it!

The only thing I don’t like about our kitchen though (besides not having a gas stove) were the cabinet knobs. I hated how small they were and I didn’t find them nice on the eye. Plus adding new hardware would spruce it up and make it look newer.

I found a 30 pack of cabinet pulls on amazon for $34.99, $1.16 a piece which is a killer deal compared to similar ones at Home Depot for $18.98 for a 4-pack. I read reviews on them to make sure that they trusted by other home owners and they were. I ordered and had them within two business days, love Amazon Prime. Click below to see the ones I ordered.

Probrico 3″ Hole Centers T Bar Cabinet Pulls Stainless Steel Kitchen Handles Wholesale (30Pack, CC:76mm)

We knew that the cabinet doors would be easy since they would be going up and down but the drawers were going to be a little harder since the knobs were centered and we now had two holes to make, not just one.  With some patience, some paint, wood filler, and lots of screws, we got them all done!

Check out our before and afters below. I forgot to take before photos (oops) so the befores are photos from when our house was on the market, that is why the decor is different.

before side right kitchen
after side right kitchen
after side left kitchen
after cabinet


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