Weekend recap!

Happy Monday Y’all!! It was a little hard to wake up to my alarm this morning but I made it to work in one piece. This weekend was great but very busy! This was my first week having Friday off. For the next eight weeks I get one day a week off and they almost all fall on a Friday, which is hard until my day off comes and I go, oh that was so worth it.


I now have our neighborhood girl come at 9am to pick up the dog poop so I can get the yard done before the weekend even starts. Before I left the house, I noticed that my Candy Club package had finally arrived. It had shipped on Monday and didn’t get to my house until Friday so I was quite excited for it.IMG_8829


Then it was time to take Sophie and Ella in for their annual shots. These girls have adorable faces but they know how to pull on their leashes, especially with other dogs around. I get to the Humane Society’s clinic and I walk in and I was handed a clipboard. Really, you want me to fill this out while holding my insane dogs. Took me about 10 minutes to get them to calm down and sit still so I could attempt to write all the information down. After a few minutes, it was their turn to go in the back to get their shots. Ella was not pleased with them. She put up a fight and they ended up having to put her against a wall to hold her still and it still took three of us to hold her. Sophie was a good girl, she just sat down and looked at me the whole time.

Next stop was to Smith’s to pick up my online order. Smith’s has this amazing service called ClickList. You place your order online and you can have it ready in as little as four hours or you can schedule it out in advance. Best idea ever. Its $5 to do but to me, that’s worth it. Saves me money cause I’m not walking down every aisle adding things to my cart and saves me time. Since I had my shopping list ready, it took a mere 5 minutes to place the order and 5 minutes to pick it up.

Up next was Sodalicious. I don’t have any type of soda shop near us and that’s probably a good thing but since I was near one and I was running errands, I figured I should reward myself. I picked up 2 AK Special’s but one with Diet Coke for me and took the other one over to Josh at his work. The girls were able to go in and say hi to Josh’s parents and his coworkers and back in the car they went.IMG_8870

Finally got home around 2pm, got the dogs and the groceries into the house and cleaned up a little. By 4pm, I was out, those girls wiped me out. All three of us took a nap until 6pm, oops. When I went downstairs, Josh handed me a box and inside were Kendra Scott earrings that were on my wishlist. He is so sweet, they were for my birthday but he hates waiting to give people gifts. I quickly got semi ready then Josh and I headed over to Benson Mill to get some dinner from the food trucks at the Summer Fest and got to watch the LifeFlight helicopter take off which was really cool. Finished off the night by binge watch Orange Is The New Black and of course eating our Candy Club candy.



I was out of the house by 8:30am to get to all my errands on time. Josh was riding down with his brother Kyle to go to their parents’ house to rip out an old fence. My first stop was to SLC Farmer’s Market. I went once last year and said I wanted to go at least once a month this year. Saturday was their first time for the 2017 year so not too much produce was ready. I got some goat cheese from Drake Family Farms and a rhubarb pie and some bread. Next I headed over to Trader Joe’s to stock up on our favorite salsa, barbecue sauce and peonies.


After that, I headed up to Utah Natural Meat and Milk. They don’t open until 10am but I got there around 9:45am and there was already a line of cars waiting for the gate to get in so I’m glad I was running early. It was cool to watch all of the cows and their insanely massive horses. Finally got into the farm and it was a mad dash into the store. I was their solely for their whole chickens but I knew that they sold raw milk so I grabbed a pint to try. The gentleman in front of me in line had nine gallons so it must be good but he spent over $100 on it. Yikes! For my 22 pounds of chicken it was $90 which was quite the shell shock at first but I thought about it I’m getting 8 of the breasts, thighs, drumsticks and wings and also 4 backbones to make stock so I am happy about it. They’re also pasture raised which is very important to me. I do not support factory farming whatsover. I try to avoid any meat that isn’t local or humanely raised. Beef is fairly easy to find local and raised correctly but chicken is quite the opposite. Chicken is also more expensive when raised on a local farm. So when you buy chicken for less than a pound, you’re not getting quality meat and that chicken probably suffered its entire life. Sorry to go dark on y’all but its the truth. Go do some research and support your local farms and ranches.

As I’m paying, I was the man if we were allowed to go pet the animals and he said of course. So I go throw the chickens in the car and go skipping over to the calves, pigs, goats and the cows. I have never seen pigs in real life and let me tell you, they were so cute. They kept throwing themselves in their pool, wanted you to pet them and not stop and using anything they could touch to scratch their cute little butts. I’ve seen and pet calves before but never a full size cow and it was a little intimidating. I was nervous to let them smell my hand in fear that they would bite but they didn’t. I probably spent a good 15 minutes with all the animals when I realized I needed to be down in south Jordan by 10:45am and it was 10:20am.

I get down to South Jordan in time to meet Christiansen Farms to pick up my 30 pound cow share. You get 10 pounds of ground beef and 20 pounds of various cuts of beef. We got 4 rib steaks, two sets of short ribs, stew meat, flank steak, round steak and two shoulder roasts. This is our second one and it lasts us about 2 months.


I head over to Josh’s parents’ house and spend about two hours there helping them finish up. We headed home and unloaded everything from the car. I had to run to the store across the street for a few items I had forgotten to order that I would need for meal prepping tomorrow. We both were tired from the long day that we just relaxed the rest of the night and watched OITNB, it was our weekend goal to finish it all that weekend.


Right when we woke up we started to meal prep. With me working ten hour days, I am gone from the house for 11 /12 hours once you include my lunch time and driving so when I get home, I don’t want to cook, plus we try to go to the gym right when we get home. So in efforts to minimize eating out, I decided to find recipes I could prep ahead of time and come that day, I only either needed to throw it in a crockpot or put it in the oven once I got home. It took over two hours to make eight meals and a huge sink full of dishes but this week it will be very nice not to have any dishes to do or dinner to prepare.IMG_8930


We had a tee time at 11:00am with Kyle and Kristina so we left the house at 10:40am so we had a few minutes to putt. Golf was really fun! It was windy which can mess with your game but it made the heat bearable.

Went and picked up a burger afterwards since we hadn’t had breakfast so I was starving. I was so hungry I was to the point of a migraine. It was a long time coming, I had a headache the two days prior so not eating much this weekend just pushed it over the limit. Got home, ate my burger and told my husband to wake me up after an hour, I was going to attempt to sleep it off. Well, it worked! YAY! I woke up a new person! I felt so good that I cut up all four chickens, deboned and took off the skin, as well as packaged them up individually for easy access for meals. I also made 6 loaves of banana bread and my famous chocolate chip cookies so we could dip them into our milk I had gotten. Took three hours to do all of it but I was glad I was productive and not just playing on my phone.



Since we hadn’t really ate a home cooked meal all weekend, Josh and I made steak and potatoes along with the bread I had picked up from the farmer’s market. We finished the night off with finishing the last two episodes of OITNB. My two cents on this season that just came out, I wasn’t impressed. I hated how they wasted all 13 episodes on the riot that began at the end of season 12 and SPOILER ALERT, *we still don’t know how it all ends. I don’t know, I thought it was a waste of a season. *



Let me know what you all want to hear more of! Whether is OOTD, home décor, steals I find in store or online, tell me what you want and I’ll write it!


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