Our Wedding Day

KayLene & Josh-382This is quite lengthy as I go into detail about the entire day for my sake so I can remember 30 years from now. If you don’t want to read it, Skip throughout for photos.


Our wedding day was one of the best days of my life so far. Josh and I got engaged on January 2, 2014 and were married on May 7, 2016. One of the most asked questions when we got engaged is why we were waiting so long to get married. We had already been together for four years by the time we got engaged so we pretty much knew we would be getting married. We weren’t in any rush and we wanted to make sure we were financially ready to be married and where we wanted to be in life and we thought in two years we would be there. Josh was graduating in 2015 so that gave us a year to find a home, make it ours and make sure we were in stable jobs. We wanted to do this right.

That morning, I woke up at my parents’ house, I had stayed there one last time as a single woman. We had a pretty hectic morning so I got semi ready, packed up all my stuff then went to the dining table and wrote my letter to Josh that I would be giving him before the ceremony.

By 10am, we were out the door and to Starbucks. As I’m getting my coffee, my mom hands me a letter, it’s from Josh. He is seriously the sweetest and most romantic man. It was so nice to hear from him, even though we would be texting throughout the day. We then picked up my sister and continued on our way.

Our hair and makeup appointments started at 11am and went all the way until 3pm with girls arriving throughout that time. My mom had set up a cute little snack bar since we were there during lunch time. It was so relaxing to just talk to everyone, not really worrying about anything. That is except the weather. I was kinda stressed about it, all week it was saying it would be raining on our wedding day and we had to make a final call at noon. My Matron of Honor’s dad is a metrologist and said we were probably okay to have our ceremony outside. When my matron of honor showed up, she had another letter from josh along with a rose.

By 3pm we made our way to the venue which was only 10 minutes away. We got there, Josh’s brother Kyle helped me get everything out of the car. I had about three boxes plus my bag and dress. We made our way up to the venue room and as I walked in the room. I just stopped and starred and it all became real. I took a moment to just stand there and soak it all in. This was happening. This day you’ve been waiting for, 2 years, 4 months and 5 days is finally here. The first time that day, I got nervous, but it was an excited nervous.


KayLene & Josh-77KayLene & Josh-67KayLene & Josh-82

I recruited the moms and all my maids to assist me with putting everything up, we had 30 minutes to do it all. Pictures, tablecloths, candles, signs, glasses for wedding party, name cards, everything. It was organized chaos. As were setting everything up, I look around and see a man carrying in our wedding cake on his shoulder with one hand. You can safely assume I was so nervous. I of course needed to take a photo of myself in the room before it was overrun with everyone!  Once we were done, the girls went into the large restroom to get ready and my mom and I headed over to the brides room to get me ready. The entire time from getting ready to walking down aisle was so quick but so calm. It was so nice that my mom and I got that time alone and that she was able to help me get ready. As she is tying my dress up, she hands me one last letter from Josh. Once I’m all ready, I sit down to read my one last note from him. Reading the first two, I was fine but this one let the emotions start to roll.

Soon after that, Josh and I had our meeting to exchange gifts, they got him into place behind a pillar then I walked there to meet him. We never saw each other but we were able to talk for a very brief second. It was so cool to talk to him without actually seeing him, it calmed my nerves. My gift to him were personalized cufflinks and a little card that I put a message on and he could put in his wallet along with a note. His gift to me was beautiful glass plaque that had a personalized message on it. It now sits on my nightstand.

We then take a few group shots with my bridesmaids and a few last photos with my mom before my dad comes up. We did the same thing Josh and I did, we both hid behind the pillar but this time, we turned around so we could do a first look. I gave my dad a gift, personalized cufflinks that said “Father of the Bride” and “I will always be your little girl”. It was so special and important to have that moment with my dad. From here, it is all a blur, before I know it, I’m waiting in the downstairs hall waiting to walk down the aisle. I do remember our wedding hostess for the night came up to us and said, we need to start right now. People are saying its pouring rain just a few miles north. I had planned on starting late but we actually started right on time.



Walking down the aisle to Josh wasn’t anything that I expected. Anytime I thought about our wedding before, I would get emotional and I always thought I would cry but I didn’t. I think I was just so happy that crying wasn’t even an option. Our ceremony was perfect. It was a little windy but other than that, it was beautiful. It was important to both of us to sign our marriage certificate during the ceremony. I wanted everyone to witness it, not just the people who needed to sign it. Once we kissed and were pronounced husband and wife, we took off down the aisle and hid behind the venue until everyone had cleared out of the lawn and went upstairs. We didn’t want to be swarmed by people yet. Having that five minutes alone was amazing. Just him and I, to say hi to each other, to exchange more kisses, to tell each other how excited we were. I kept saying to him, ‘were finally married’.

KayLene & Josh-217

KayLene & Josh-279KayLene & Josh-277Afterwards, we took our family photos and wedding party photos. This took 30-45 minutes. After, it was time for Josh and I to get some photos taken together! Josh’s dad ended up having to come get us because our guests were getting anxious to eat.

KayLene & Josh-342

We had a plan for a grand entrance but it just completely failed, we kinda just walked in all nonchalant. We immediately got our dinner plates and ate. Oh my first real meal today, it was amazing. Once almost everyone was done, toasts got started. Kristina had us laughing the whole time, Kyle got a ‘standing ovation’ his version, the dads both gave toasts! After, we cut the cake and let’s just say I was so nervous to get a fork stuck in my cheek. You can tell from the photos that I’m not trusting Josh with the cake AT ALL. I finally gave in and we were both nice to each other.

KayLene & Josh-605KayLene & Josh-598

Next came our first dance. Piece of advice, practice this!! We went into our dance with no practice and Josh said I want to spin you and he did and it was bad. So, at least practice a few times. We did the daddy/daughter and mother/son dance with the same song, we didn’t want to bore everyone with all the traditional dances. Then the party got started after that. We danced for a good hour before we did the bouquet and garter toss. Some people have opted not to do these at their weddings but I think this is such a fun tradition.

KayLene & Josh-617KayLene & Josh-631KayLene & Josh-643KayLene & Josh-642

We continued to dance, josh even got a fun lap dance song from all the boys, even Josh’s second cousin who I think was three joined in and did exactly what Joaquin did.

About 9:45pm, Josh and I changed as we didn’t want to leave our dress and tux at the hotel then everyone went downstairs and we took some last minute photos with our parents and siblings before we left. . I remember before heading downstairs that I went and stood in the reception hall one more time and just looked around and took it all in. No one was in there and just felt so filled with joy. Right before we went outside to our sparkler send off, our wedding hostess was so sweet to us and kept congratulating us. We ran outside, the sparklers were so pretty! I just wish I would have said goodbye to my parents.

KayLene & Josh-893KayLene & Josh-896KayLene & Josh-900

Once we were in our limo, we opened up a card Kyle and Kristina had handed us as we were leaving. Inside was a link to a YouTube video. This is a video that they had made to play during the speeches but they had some technical difficulties. It was this sweet video of them and our parents talking about each of us and us as a couple. This was one of the sweetest gifts we had ever received and is something I will cherish forever.

Here is the link to the video- https://youtu.be/JPeBJqlmXJU


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