Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Happy Tuesday morning!

It was so nice to have an extra day for the weekend! And starting the weekend of June 9th, I’ll have three day weekends for the summer! I kicked off the weekend by heading over to Chips Cookies in Salt Lake City. They’re only open Thursday-Saturday and they have very odd hours. They’re open from 8pm-midnight. I’ve been wanting to try them since I heard about them a few weeks back but I don’t like the idea of driving 30 minutes for cookies. Well I decided that this weekend I was going to! Left the house at 7:30pm, got there right at 8:00pm when they opened and was back home by 8:30pm. You get four 6oz cookies for $10 and right when I picked them up, they smelled so delicious. They were pretty good with a big glass of milk but Josh insisted that my cookies were better! I use dark chocolate chips where most places use semi sweet. I kinda agree with him!


Saturday was our cleaning day, and I mean deep cleaning day. We started at 9:45am and didn’t end until about 3:00pm. We cleaned all of outside and deep cleaned all inside. We were holding a barbecue on Sunday so I wanted to make sure our house looked really nice! The rest of the night we relaxed because we were so exhausted, my feet were super sore!

Sunday was very busy! We were up by 8am to get everything done before family started showing up! I made cookies, potato salad, we prepped the corn on the cob, and finished any last minute chores around the house then we needed to get ready! Once everyone had arrived, I was finally able to relax and enjoy my clean home and family! It was so nice to sit and talk with everyone! Once everyone left, I cleaned up the party and we watched season 12 of Supernatural since it came out on Netflix this weekend. We’re already on episode 19! LOL we only binged a little! As were watching it, I tell Josh it would be nice to have a bigger TV. We currently have a 55” but our wall in the living room is so large that it just swallows it. So we start looking at deals but we agreed that it’s a want and not a need.



Come Monday morning though, I get woken up by my sweet hubby and he starts telling me all the TV deals he finds. So we agreed that we would go down to RC Willey and look at TVs but I told him that I wanted a new couch too, I don’t really like our current couch. We get there start looking at all the 65” TVs they have and pick one out. Picking out a couch was a little more difficult. A majority of the first level showroom is only couches so were doing laps around the showroom to make sure we look at everything and to find just the right one. After a good hour of looking, we finally find the one. The right color, the right size, has the recliners I want, it was perfect, we were even able to customize it to fit our wants and needs! We find a salesman and get both the TV and couch written up and go pay for them! We took the TV home with us but were having the couch delivered next Friday, that way we have some time to try to sell our current one.


Have a great week!


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