Trader Joe’s Haul


IMG_8405One of my absolute favorite flower is Peonies. I fell in love with them when planning our wedding and they were the main flower for it. They’re only in season for May and June and most florists sell them for $14 a stem which is insane! But I knew that Trader Joe’s would sell them when they were in season. I’ve been calling once a week since the start of May to see when they would have them in store and finally, they were available! Trader Joe’s sells them for a killer price, 5 stems for $6.99. That is a $63.00 savings!!

Now, I’ve only actually been in Trader Joe’s two times before this trip so after I picked out my flowers, I headed down every aisle and pretty much added anything to my cart that caught my eye. I told Josh I was only going there to buy flowers but walked out with two very full bags. Sorry honey!

I bought a few things just because I knew we were almost out of them at home so I picked them up here (oil spray, olive oil, garlic powder and butter that isn’t pictured).

Josh loves salsa so I picked up two different kinds to give him some variety, barbecue sauce because it’s grilling season, pasta sauce cause who doesn’t love pasta. We’re going to try out the Mandarin Orange Chicken tonight with some rice so I’ll give you an update on how it is. I opened up the Peanut Butter Cups right when I got home and probably ate 3 or 4 in a row, they’re SO good. They come in dark or milk chocolate. You need these in your life!! And they were only $4.29.

I picked up a jar Speculoos Cookie Butter because everyone says online that this is a definite thing you need from Trader Joe’s. Thinking this will be really good on waffles! And lastly, some Blondie Bar mix. I love brownies but decided to try something a little different. Might as well when you’re somewhere new.


What are some of your favorite things from Trader Joe’s?


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