Because of SeneGence


Back in October 2016, scrolling through Instagram like I do every hour it seems when I come across this photo and it says ‘looking for 5 girls’. I didn’t really know this person that I was following who had posted it but I decided to read what she wrote. She goes on by talking about this amazing lipstick, nothing like it on the market, smudge free, water proof, will stay on for up to 18 hours. Now, I wasn’t a lipstick kind of girl, I stuck to my chapsticks but this really intrigued me. I messaged her for more details. Her name was Meili and she gives me all the details up front, doesn’t hid anything from me. It’s $55 a year, kind of like a Costco membership and I get 20%-50% off my orders. She continues to tell me more about the business and how it is changing women’s lives!! I told her I’d talk to my husband about it and let her know.

Later that night, I talked to Josh about it. Now, I’ve never done a Direct Sales business before and almost all of them I don’t like. But something about this one just lit a fire in me. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Josh was 100% supportive and said if this was something that I wanted to do, he would back me on it. That next day I signed up.

I have been in this business now for seven months. Yes, my road to success hasn’t been as crazy as some of the ladies I know but I’m still very successful! I have 25 amazing ladies on my team, I’m making an income from my own personal sales and from commission. We have been able to install a water softener, fix a broken pipe in our home that costs $250 since it was an emergency, we installed two new light fixtures and finally decorated our guest bathroom, I’ve been able to buy things to help me grow my business, we bought a shed, patio set, and poured over 10 cubic yards of concrete at our home for our RV pad and patio and we still have money in our savings account. Before I started, we didn’t have anything in our savings account! This is everything I’ve been able to accomplish because of SeneGence in seven months. On top of all of that, I’ve gotten tons of free makeup, I’ve met and helped change the lives of many women and I have my own self confidence now.

I am not very high on the leaderboard, quite honestly, I’m very very low on it but if this is what you can do having minimal leader stats, think about what you could do if you have a team of 200, 500, or even 3,000 women! My group leader was making six figures in March and April!! Women are paying off school debt, helping their parents out (our highest ranking distributor just paid off her parents $80,000 debt for them), their now able to have a family because they can either afford IVF or finally have the financial stability to have one. Out of my group leaders that I know, at least FOUR of them are building their dream homes right now.

When I started, we had less than 40,000 distributors. We now have 168,000 distributors. That’s only in seven months! They say any direct sales company under 500,000 distributors is ground level and that is the best time to join it!

If you want to join my team or just hear more about it, comment your email below and I will email you!


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